ANATHEMA movement IV

ANATHEMA  movement IV draft 2 Click for full piece   The fire of day crawls first from the chin of Avenues cutting the city East/West clawing upwards between buildings, vaulting roofs. Its lashing tongue burning out street chandeliers and sacrificial flames in the shadows of buttresses holding up the night In the crucible, morning jackknifes… Continue reading ANATHEMA movement IV



  MOVEMENT I I am hallowed by insignificance among mortals embracing invisibility from vision of man I abscond the wallen garden of bedroom walls into the falling evening away from muted unmovable air, to the retreating noise of the city Out here in the daytime uncertainty is a stench, brings their stare Night falls to… Continue reading Anathema


I open my lungs to the moist dirt between sidewalk cracks. Atoms severed  from the whole transcend previous existence, take flight and enter my body evaporating through tunnels, sinus storm-drains built beneath my bones. Particles intertwine themselves around rooted hair shafts, excite neurons electrical synapses, the sinew of sense and memory ingraining fleshy shores of… Continue reading Transcendence


The sky descends into horizon This eve souls pass through the membrane of ticking time thin as a needle kneeded through ancient quilt sewn by Archimedes Plato Blake Oratio Isis those colossi greasing universe's eternal clock, to that recital played unseen beyond vision impalpable to senses not yet sharpened by ascendance


  CIGANA (Gipsy woman) Sing cigana sing ghost love letters written at the edge of foggy marshes, history recounted by grandfather lips passed from cigarette throats Dance cigana dance around the campfire licking your curves, blow embers over makeshift tents drowned in smoke of one thousand camps Clap cigana clap music between your hands speak… Continue reading Cigana


I want to drown in you, in every fibre your very words dress my insides, I live there behind your chest in the bones of your arms where words flow and the space between your ribs and fragile heart I seek asylum within the confines of us   ©John Lopes c2017


  CALI Too long in our dreams had we spun webs to cast into the sea, netting shards of light from opal waters, silently, as to not disturb their flow Our mornings too were fragile, lit by those poached aqueous mirrors sending dancing light through half closed eyelashes Our ceiling iridescent with memories of fiery… Continue reading Cali


Stop taking credit for your words, you are the conduit for something divine speaking through your wrist onto paper Your name in bold letters anchors a page like highway signs between stanzas Stop taking credit for words you do not own Stop naming poems, they're children you have set free to play in ears


  We are born with impermanence implantedinto the spine between neck and coccyx There is a daily procession of habits seededinto our backsthe daily dedications to ourselves plantedbeneath our skin like underground plantations         The procession of ritual,        inspection of flesh against a mirror        the discovery of another day        imprinted on the body born to… Continue reading Impermanence

We woke to a dream

  We woke to a dream,disappearing under each other's skinabsorbed by flesh of nightdissolved beneath one anotherresting against the headboard of nighttugged at our ankles by wind to the chorus song of green tree tops We woke to a dreamfalling with the sharp song of starlingsdiving, spirallingover meadows of blanketsnesting beneath sierras of pillowsridding the… Continue reading We woke to a dream


  I carry you inside my bones, through lifetimes walking avenues, vaulting from roofto roof                 to the blackened earth where wet                leafs wrap the small of my back                 telegraphing coolness of morning to my                warm lungs resting against the living                ground                 where                 I plant a rib beneath the belly of trees… Continue reading Bounden


  Foreword Parts of this piece have been swirling about in my head since 1992, this was when I first heard of Robert Pickton and the gruesome finds on his pig farm in British Columbia (Canada). The facts surrounding the case are disturbing enough, but the fact so many women (49) were simply disposed of,… Continue reading Scarecrow


I remember you practicing modal scales across a golden tenor horn, your impossibly long bronzed hands playing hopscotch finger sketches shaking our apartment floors prying apart cracks in our walls, the deep Selmer voice rearranging the chambers of my heart and treble cry bouncing inside my ears The day after the nurse covered your deflated… Continue reading Selmer


I stared at the hip of Iberia over the hunched back of a northern moving fog blown from the dark lips of Gibraltar towards a terra-cotta mirage Fog pushed down by the thumb of God rested over the mosaic of a slick seashore where star shaped creatures rested, crying their ages to counterparts above pulling… Continue reading Peninsula

New York

      Your avenues sweat subterranean blues, tenor men dressed in Friday night’s best tweed jazz ensemble hues blow worship notes repeated in study behind closed Bronx doors New York, your stray cats crawl iron fire escapes catching modal staircase saxophone stunts trapeze from window sills towards dancing roofs, dropping staff lines from their… Continue reading New York


Californian diary, entry #3 I was pulled by an undertow of thoughts and the hammer of sudden perception away from your loaded bed, rolled under screams of pouring skies Be not afraid when you wake to my empty pillow California, I was but a disappointing insomniac dream between sunrises pushed into the creases of your… Continue reading Undertow


I regarded you like the sex I had not smelled in lifetimes I would not say something cliched such as “the space between your legs is a temple” but it is the brim of a big hat on a woman the silent promise dangling from her hanging hips the hem of her pencil skirt, the… Continue reading Cliche


At the corner of pity and empathy what tangled web you weave with those strands of villainous intentions, trails of false sadness for unsuspecting men, a scream for salvation from a nest built of bones sucked dry of marrow by gaslight You thief, broken copy of an oceanic queen, my seas would spit out your plagued… Continue reading Villainous


On the first night of spring I made a slaughterhouse of my body, assembled my flesh into parcels wrapped in pretty orange ribbon sealed with a red wax initial, to be delivered as offerings Save your sharp words dagger of silence There are swords in this house for bisecting, paring knives to split skin open, hooks inside… Continue reading Penance

Hate machine

  Men suck from the tip of yourfingernails the fluid of livesyou tore with your hands, stomped on with a battlefieldhorse dipped in flames and cutthrough by a vengeful God’s iron tools You are a machine, a bag of organs, muscle fuelled by acrid fumesbestowing those lucky onesbowing before the cold copper toeof your boot… Continue reading Hate machine


    Your evening gaze penetrated my skin between fractured light of city dusk, witnessed fluorescent lights of taxis hurtled down the avenue with long bearded howling madmen cabbies at the wheel, mouths agape screaming the scream of horns speaking in tongues promising rides to Mecca Your gaze penetrated my flesh meandered the highways of… Continue reading Gaze


    Rocks skipped across the night sky sinking in a streaking flash towards atmosphere, a grand finale I wanted to freeze in midair, wish on forever Your body rained down the next evening from a celestial pedestal of wishes, embraced me in a wet blanket sent down from gluttonous clouds I smelled you on vapor… Continue reading EMBRACED


  I made an altar for you of trinkets discarded novels, somewhere to sit your memory at when I recall our last night together under a San Francisco bridge We warmed our hands in each other’s pockets amongst the bay’s salt lip stained breeze, bringing fog on its shoulders and ghostly horns of tug boats… Continue reading Bridge


Hang my lungs from your neck whilst I roll into the deep, crushed by the pressure of turquoise embrace I will take my breath from the mouths of sub-water angels gliding above undulating sandy ocean bottom deserts Send your love notes to me whispered onto tattered pieces of parchment, collected by undercurrents, couriered by whale… Continue reading Pangaea


  When you walk to the sea does it see you, or do you see it first? Did it call for you, as you find yourself standing at its shoreline in response to beacons of underwater Californian lighthouses calling to pilgrims, saline blooded souls with hearts in synch to each other in metronomic time of… Continue reading Shoreline


Diner Sitting at the laminate counter-top admiring the wood panelling over a wheezing cough, filthy melted snow drips onto mass produced one inch squared tiled flooring I notice the counter edge pressing against my chest, worn down from years of elbow polishing by men waiting around for the next piece of apple pie with bad… Continue reading Diner


  "Drone in D" Kevin MacLeod ( - Lic Creative Commons   I want to be inside youknow you like a nightly prayer, read from string theoriestied around your body           Unravel your rolled parchment          paper arms,          navigation charts to bridges          spanning connected dreams across          stars                     which I was too heavy                    to cross once… Continue reading Strings


  /Edit...I just really felt like writing about Iowa this morning and did this quick sketch, as a side note, I can't pronounce the word (no really, I can't)   IOWA   I have never been there, but I love Iowa Iowa sounds like... fields of dreams textured with sun-kissed corn ears pretty cheerleaders their quarterback… Continue reading Iowa

Journal and new pieces

The journal has been updated, and I've added three new pieces. Be good to yourself Journal Link Our time here is too short to not swallow life To not tare through this world like it’s our last day To not love like it’s your last time


I woke to a silhouetteframed by darknessflooding my room,resting on my mattress The infinite spacebetweenthis man's hand,and shadowed contour,of chasm betweenbreasts, inner thighs,canyon walls I endeavoured to holdon to silencequiescent gazedormant rest Arrest time,movement of cogs,persistent springsof clock towers Before deafening strikeof dawn bellssent that darling penumbra visioninto flight, a shadow momentarilypassing througharteries of city… Continue reading Silhouette


  My darling cruel Gods,I opened a holeat the center ofmy chest       So your breath could      pass through me,      save those I      left behind Forgive my requests for salvationagainst your vicious syllabus,comedic life play       For having forgotten      your names,      faceless apparitions,      voices from whence I      was born      before gasping sterile      birth room air,     … Continue reading Salvation


  My darling poetess pilot of waves No simpleton man could bleed you dry by steel knives, permanently break your bones, saline dipped skin You are the oceanic Joan commander of  levee breaking tides mother to night tentacle creatures lighting the sky for stars to find their way home What ocean would allow full dominion… Continue reading Joan


After several months, I was able to complete this piece, enjoy. I wrote on your knees so you would recall my words When you held communion in flop-house confessionals between the pillars of your legs where, music is played with your trembling insides, vibrating like violin strings Chiselled your hips with script hand holders for devotees spinning them… Continue reading Altar


After nearly four months, several revisions and incarnations, this is finally ready to be released. Like most of what I write, this all started with an opening line; in this case "To write on your knees".  ALTAR I wroteon your kneesso you would recall mywords When you held communionin flop-house confessionalsbetween the pillars of your… Continue reading Altar

Men of war

MEN OF WARCome men of warthe strong and meek,broken men,orphaned fatherswith vacant armswhere offspring were torn fromlike spoils of war Comekind misunderstood menwith one shoulder of goldand another of cruelty, wrongly convicted in lifein courtroomforgotten in institutional boxesof convenient love, with hearts guarded by prison shankhidden between fingers in the yard Comemakeshiftfield-medics in gas maskssoldiers… Continue reading Men of war


 CYANIDE Somewhere fallen from             trees Apples embellished inslow dripping sugar stains,coaxed outwards by an orange sun,fondled by tongue tips of ants, adorned in gold bees wafting heat, making music with their bodies  Somewhere wind is tearing at husks spinning soil into little riots, pulling upwards into falling skies of dawn  Its breath rapping at farm dust clinging to barns with doors the shape of open mouthswaiting ,to receive a harvest Bring us… Continue reading Cyanide


  Audio Version   You walk in… a euphemism for an arsonist Your dirty blonde tips brown roots dark sooth fingertips You smelled like diesel kerosene xxxxxxxsulfur Just enough dirt under your nails to look beautifully xxxxxxximperfect There was a sense the space between us would ignite connected by burning molecules of xxxxxxxxxxinvisible air xxxxxxxxxxmade… Continue reading Incendiary

Build Things

    Build things Dig down to erect massive structures build giants by hand and chisel, sever concrete with steel beams and bones of rebar for the sake of scraping sky, and taste candied clouds on our tongues xxxxxxxxxxBuild rooftops xxxxxxxxxxwhere we lay on chairs xxxxxxxxxx...kiss xxxxxxxxxx...fuck xxxxxxxxxxmeasure the space between stars xxxxxxxxxxby fingertip, xxxxxxxxxxand… Continue reading Build Things


  Spoken Version   Folded, I am small enough to fit the space between your hands clasped when they pray to bedside floorboards Write precious notes, cover me in scribbled secrets my mouth less body will keep Walk me past congregations in city squares, streets, hide me inside the crack of a walled garden where… Continue reading Wishes

Train Tracks

Photograph courtesy of Mike Robbins, view his work on Flickr: Link Spoken Version In the midst of foggy stations I put my ear to cold train tracks parallel tendons coursing through limbs of this country, listen for the pulse of giants I jump hobo trains into open carts to find a remote memory, heartbeat recalled… Continue reading Train Tracks


Audio inserted 5/6/14 Audio updated 5/15/14 due to low volume This is very different from what I've been writing lately but I do hope you all enjoy it   Ever since I was little there was something about broken things that made me want to fix them something about knots that made me want to… Continue reading Sparrow


The last in a series of three, which I wrote during my short hiatus   CRUELTY Where did you learn your cruelty, to sew lips together plant my throat with miss-meanings and have them grow into my lungs pollute my breath and intentions A craft learned from threading closed the mouths of the unsuspecting, their trophy… Continue reading Cruelty


      Heart-Work We, at one time were a two part fleshy clock ringing at all hours of the night, where dreams melded into awake flesh intertwined limbs trading in human currency We gathered stars trawled minuscule lights onto our shore from my net cast at the edge of dreams, into a chasm filled… Continue reading Heart-Work


This is the first of three pieces I will be posting over three days, I've picked the order at random. I've decided to stop indenting lines as WordPress has issues translating these properly to the screen; I've also found the HTML tags get wrecked when the post is viewed on a iPhone. Unfortunately this means… Continue reading Gluttony


Clockwork I have a cardboard box where I keep all the pretty broken things that cascade into my life Trying to hold on to time in desperation that I will forget like I have my father's voice An insult to the natural law of change we contravene an inner clock, one sitting in a chapel… Continue reading Clockwork

I Wish…

I wish I could have dug below your chest bone for your heart xxxxxxxxxxand see what lain within But this I could not do instead I opened mine held it for you in my hands offered it between my palms From within a closeted wordsmith xxxxxxxxxxtinkerer of words xxxxxxxxxxmaster of star fields outside this universe… Continue reading I Wish…

Arm’s length

 I will keep youat arm's lengthin the hope that I can     somedaypull you in closer I will sew a zipper    into my lipsso that I hold back     the wrong words     floating confessions And I will most certainlybury my feet in cement     so that I stay grounded     float away no more     until one day you pull me… Continue reading Arm’s length

Some days

 Some daysmy hands feel as though     they are made of loaded coffins     that I carry about My jaw heavy as concrete slabs     weighing me down    a reminder I am made of brick and     mud     that will someday build     a home          Slabs sometimes dragged behind     plowing fields     reaping that which I have sown Some daysmy head… Continue reading Some days


  Spun on an axis gyrated about in orbit cheek pressed to neck nape of back pulled in by a hand Connected by skin and warmth of blood coursing through veins dating back to ghosts of Argentinian lovers who once wore hats black shirts, dresses dancing in parks accompanied by men playing concertinas and violins… Continue reading Helix


I've made myself smaller as of late So that I can better fit in your arms be carried inside of you To climb your ribs so I can whisper in your ear whatever secrets  I hold

Journal entry

Today I am thankful for:-Another day on earth-My health-Knowing that I have the conviction to do the right thingAnd I ask for:-Another day, that my words come back and I am able to write again-Solace


In my world,my heart doesn't beatit is spun on an axis by elephantswalking across it with their newbornmigratingtrotting from apex to bottom in search of yougrinding gears togetherpushing streams of life through pipeworkunder my skin powering these armsmy handsI want a lifetime to explore your platitudescommanding the ebb and flow of your presencefrom head to… Continue reading Axis


I woke to a scalpel at my side where you lay your headI sliced open a door, at the back of my neck, it's the place that stood when you breathed                  on my wrist                  my forearm         I opened that gate palpated un-nameable anatomy a spanning bridge suspended by veins carrying thought over spinal… Continue reading Scalpel


I was born too litewith a propensity to be aloof float away mindlesslyattracted by the moon         pulled         slowly levitated from the groundThus, I wrapped chains round my feethammered them into the dessert I remained undisturbed, levitatedstretched taut towards that celestial forceeven as hordes of colossal elephants crossed in my vicinity         regarding my suspended self with… Continue reading Levitated


PHOTO CREDIT: Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler MAGPIE TALES Prompt 210 Based on the above photo posted on the MAGPIE TALESproject website  This,a self-imposed exilewhere I with raw fingers      peel paintin search of a manuscriptlaid upon these wallspainted over long ago     I search a thread     connecting inked maps     charts to stars… Continue reading Exile


 Dance me on rush hour city streets     sheltered by skyscrapers     from blinding sunin underground parking garages     dimly lit by flickering lights Come hide behind alleywaysI'll hold your thighs to the wall untilour lookout claps his handsflipping pigeons from roof topswarning usof imminent interruption We will plant clandestine gardens between poor tenementsdecorate within their nooks and… Continue reading Shameless


xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Your heart It lays cradled bound in place containing a ring box filled with your mother's best trinkets xxxxxxxxxxxxxcarefully picked xxxxxxxxxxxxxcollected xxxxxxxxxxxxxsaved xxxxxxxxxxxxxfor the occasion of conception You were crafted by her hand golden hair weaved by needle and your heart stitched shut by threads of xxxxxxxxxxbrown twine xxxxxxxxxxshinny copper Your father placed two… Continue reading Crafted


Pour our languid shapeless formsfrom iron furnaces into mouldsbend our backs over anvilshammer usforge us into the image of youHurtle us into this worldas webreathing for the first timeburn our throatshowlingafter the tether is cutthe bridge to our mothers severedFreed upon this placeto fall in and out of Lovesmash our flesh into one another in… Continue reading TETHER


FALLEN Stillness remained amongst the fallen cedars after the fire the crude saws Hallowed ground a call for satiation and so from my body I  remove a white shirt boots gloves There is no stir save for that of my bones crude inner workings of flesh organs contained within a bag of skin I root… Continue reading FALLEN


I untied your corseted back pulled laces from steel rings and they ran down the expanse of your body Peeled apart that vertical space between your shoulders and hips pulled back a door guarded by your spine and entered with you We walked through gated gardens curtained secrets Observed forgotten memories made love in dark… Continue reading Corseted

We are

 We are singular floating thoughtswe are secrets locked in boxesstored at the backof closetsbehind the peacoatand old photosWe are habitswe are projected beliefsreliving a moment in the pastas if trying to hold onto something                   anythingas if it would cement that whichwe doubtthat we exist past our thoughtsWe are rhythm,circular motion ofsun and moon,that rotation of… Continue reading We are


We are each other's secret mine to treasure you are a room in my house with stained glass windows pointed inward where light pours in xxxxxxxxxxWe are a secret held between xxxxxxxxxxour bodies xxxxxxxxxxtold when our naked stomachs xxxxxxxxxxtouch In the curve of your shoulder you are persuasion invitation to devour you whole this room… Continue reading Secret


You are here hiding in a corner arms crossed xxxxxxxxxxparalyzing chilling my spine Inviting me to lay down xxxxxxxxxxin ashes to sink down into the depths of what I once thought to be all there was A gravitational pull as I some days push away the urge to sink into the bottom of the very… Continue reading Teacher


Some quick lines, the winter is getting to me.        I miss summerin its slowengulfing heatits slowness    like dripping honeyand tones    of amber    greenFlowing dressesto knobby knees of girlslike in my childhoodGrassy parks    and melting away    into a slumber under treesRunning children    the caress    the kiss and    laughterof new Love    imature and    naive in its hopeful spring… Continue reading Summer


I want to tell you that you are perfect in your imperfection Hips you call too wide the curve of your back curled toes and fingers Skin and breasts stretched from birthing xxxxxxxand the occasional chewed fingernails In your morning skin When your makeup was rubbed off xxxxxxxfrom kissing xxxxxxxand rubbing noses xxxxxxxin a intimate… Continue reading Imperfect


My remedy for despair is a memory of something that never happened of family friends dead and living and those dying to live            unborn children            my inner circle            my outer ring of acquaintances            past and future loves all sitting at long wooden tables in the night with salt in the air… Continue reading Remedy

I am

Today I took a razor blade and cut a valley at the nape of my left hand and from there from where a river flowed I pulled veins tendons white and blue I stretched them taut in the air and plucked a song I am tendons veins like guitar strings muscle meat pulled back I… Continue reading I am


Journal entry June 7/2013 God whispered a secret into your ear before you were an idea an ioda of dust of wondering floating speck a lion a lamb water         and stone God whispered locked tides trees crawling creatures deserts and oceans into your hands stuffed them smiling and you clasped them… Continue reading Whisper


Original journal entry June 5/2013 Amidst an ocean lies an island                                     fertile                       weathered by battering winds                       crashing waters                       and forceful hands of                       wrecked ships It lays curled there                       amongst waves                       testing its will                                      to persevere against invaders                       trespassers                       wounded men in beards with                       curled… Continue reading Island

Some night

Some night You will lead me to your bed Where I will lay you down                             weighing on your naked body                               I will kiss you bellow your ear


Original journal date JUNE 5/2013 I am grateful for friends that stand in doorways in the pouring rain pressed in a embrace surrounded by puddles sirens blaring lights of yellow and orange cabs I am grateful for hands holding faces and exhales of relief for having found one another amidst the rhythmic noise of life


Original journal entry JUNE 4/2013 Words twist meander linger in the air until caught in your web your ears my faithful friend adviser opulent subject of my affection The space between us filled with intrigue curiosity my attention and study of your form


Original entry MAY 24/2013 PRESS There she laid Pressed Into the musky earth Amongst God's creatures Crawling Floating and fluttering Shaded by trees reaching to heaven that break light Streaming beams of warmth and color Pausing on her naked white flesh She Collecting dew Drops of water from leaves above Abandoned by birds Disregarded by… Continue reading PRESS


Original journal date...Sometime in late 2013 On the rocks     Facing East     Rotting     Pecked by buzzards     Vibrating with the tremors of winged insects Scent Once of perfume Now of earthly flesh     A signal for flies to lay their unborn to hatch     To carve out and return to the earth   … Continue reading Departed


My life fell apart in a symphony of feelings uncommunicated tears held back only released in the night time where I craved substance warmth the squeeze of limbs across my back extended downwards to legs pulled close to chest rhythmically rising and falling until suddenly awake in the dead of night by an invasion of… Continue reading symphony