I was born too lite
with a propensity to be aloof
float away mindlessly
attracted by the moon
        slowly levitated from the ground

I wrapped chains round my feet
hammered them into the dessert

I remained undisturbed, levitated
stretched taut towards that celestial force
even as hordes of colossal elephants crossed in my vicinity
        regarding my suspended self with sunken eyes
        leaving hoof prints in their wake, that would become
        under sea chasms as sands receded
        rains mercilessly pounded from above

Arid plains flooded
transforming mountainous regions of sand into islands
bringing with it creatures of unknown name
some crawling on the ocean bottom
    meandering in the current
    for me to pass time
    cataloguing names pulled from my imagination

I observed bellies of sea turtles
carrying on their backs seeds of civilizations
chasing continents
surfing currents

At night listened to choirs of colossal whales
    who taught their calves to dance in the dark
    breaking evening light from beyond a watery home
    with their vast bodies, as I anchored at point
    swung with magnetic force of waning moons
    observed in awe from bellow

Until such day, whether by design or force of currents
my counterpoint was shattered, and I
        carried past the surface
        of rough seas, floated
        past hissing stars
        above earth’s droning life stream
        onto arid dust of moon

To observe stars pushed to and fro by currents
         floating matter surfing invisible winds
        cosmic vacuums of force feasting on extinguished suns
        watery planets


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