In my world,
my heart doesn’t beat
it is spun on an axis by elephants
walking across it with their newborn
trotting from apex to bottom
in search of you
grinding gears together
pushing streams of life through pipework
under my skin powering these arms
my hands

I want a lifetime to explore your platitudes
commanding the ebb and flow of your presence
from head to bare feet
levitating your hips at command
        two opposite mountainous regions
        divided by a canyon floating towards me
        rising to the ceiling
Giants on my heart slow their metronomic thumping
as the day gives into night,
I lay you to sleep and breathe your form
diurnal lengths of skin
hair brushed back
    draped over pillows
    sown into the fabric of earth itself
    golden deserts
    expanses of black earth
    where soil is upturned,
    trees uprooted when you rustle

And I, dreaming of impossibilities
Love that can be touched like a river
pouring from my heart where elephants
             tread water
lands where there is no sky, but ocean mirrored above
where we are but pendulums crashing into one another
where I fold space to bring us together spite of

And though this may seem impossible alchemy,
these are the things that I control
inside the cosmos of our sleep


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