Art credit: Frank Tjepkema
Art credit: Frank Tjepkema




We, at one time
were a two part fleshy clock
ringing at all hours of the night,
where dreams melded into awake flesh
intertwined limbs trading in
human currency

We gathered stars
trawled minuscule lights
onto our shore
from my net cast
at the edge of dreams,
into a chasm
filled with the pause between
the breaths of stars,
to be observed like fireflies
underneath blankets

It was there I plucked rings from blue Neptune,
molded them to your heart-work
so that stellar bodies would orbit there
seed clouds
oceans, under your breastplate
until such day our world fell onto itself

And yours,
remained arranged by my hand
carried behind your delicate skin
through fleshy streams of arteries
through the universe that is you
the dark space that is filled
with the pauses
between your breaths


14 Replies to “Heart-Work”

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  2. this opening stanza kinda’ took my breath away
    We, at one time
    were a two part fleshy clock
    ringing at all hours of the night,
    where dreams melded into awake flesh
    intertwined limbs trading in
    human currency

    the imagery and word combinations are so compelling,
    a truly sublime introduction to a powerful poem. sorry this took so long but MrMom gets real busy during the week.
    i’m glad you are back from your hiatus, i don’t know how we found each other but i’m grateful we did.


  3. Dear Mr. Mom.
    Few know what it means to impart a man’s wisdom upon a child, good on you.I have not been lucky in that sense, though I did come close.

    Thank you again for the great comment and taking the time to absorb the piece, every time I feel like I may be doing this “for nothing” I recall comments like yours, and they certainly encourage me. This of course means so much more because I respect your body of work.

    I believe I came about your blog through another writer, or simply clicking on the random “Gravatar” on a poem I may have liked. Then again, it appears there’s a cluster of us that read each others work, so it was bound to happen.

    PS: are you sporting a new theme? You’re missing your “About” page and some other info, perhaps I’m thinking of the wrong blog?



  4. Absolutely exquisite. Your imagery and word choices are always incredible. I feel like I’m indulging in word chocolate when I read your poems. They are to be eaten slowly, enjoyed as their taste settles, and then read again to fully digest. I hope that makes sense! Lol


    1. Thank you Kirsten, I’ve never had my poems described back to me so, I almost want to say sensually.

      And yes, it does make sense, you’re far too kind, but keep it coming LOL


      1. Lol…yikes it does sound sensual when I look at it again. 🙂 I can’t eat chocolate so I indulge in good poetry instead. There that’s a bit better!! Lol


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