Build Things


Circa 1950 – “Freedom bridge” over Tagus in Lisbon, pre construction of decks. My Father, a “Tool & Die” maker, left his mark here


Build things

Dig down to erect massive structures
build giants by hand and chisel,
sever concrete with steel beams
and bones of rebar
for the sake of scraping sky,
and taste candied clouds on our tongues

xxxxxxxxxxBuild rooftops
xxxxxxxxxxwhere we lay on chairs
xxxxxxxxxxmeasure the space between stars
xxxxxxxxxxby fingertip,
xxxxxxxxxxand lose time

We toil,
our sweat
connects Manhattan and Brooklyn
spans into the western shore
drips into the east river

xxxxxxxxxxWe are survived by structures
xxxxxxxxxxbridges spanning lakes
xxxxxxxxxxlike tendons pairing a thumb
xxxxxxxxxxto a wrist

Even now, there is a bridge over Tagus
with its own heartbeat
whose hip is anchored to Lisbon
by my late father’s own design,
suspended by cables curved like buttresses
inside our arteries

xxxxxxxxxxWe build things
xxxxxxxxxxdo not sit idle
xxxxxxxxxxdig, toil
xxxxxxxxxxbe survived


6 Replies to “Build Things”

    1. Thanks for noticing. I have one more I’ve been working on, it seems it’s slowly flowing back. I’ve also been shooting my cameras again and may be starting a new blog for that too 🙂


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