Men of war


men of war
the strong and meek,
broken men,
orphaned fathers
with vacant arms
where offspring were torn from
like spoils of war

kind misunderstood men
with one shoulder of gold
and another of cruelty,
wrongly convicted in life
in courtroom
forgotten in institutional boxes
of convenient love,
with hearts guarded by prison shank
hidden between fingers in the yard

field-medics in gas masks
soldiers in face scarves
with molotov-cocktail

Come when
black clad armored lovers
in bone dust stained boots
bearing gift wrapped
brass knuckles
beating their shields

With their
loving tear gas
drawing top cusps of hearts
against fog of war colored skies

My good men
cradle falling canisters
into the trough of your chests
lull them in your arms
like bouquets of flowers
pressed into your ribs

Let them advance
impale us with sharp tongues
of unraveling words
jaw breaking
baton kisses

Know we are men,
of fathers
soldiers and saints,
lovers of broken women
flawed to perfection

We are better
for having breached open
a trench in our chests
to let weakness show

Know there is principle in
bleeding ourselves dry
for our children
but none in a prison of convenience

You do not stand alone
in napalm battlefields
horseback women
in armored chests,
swinging six foot hammers
dealing death card
horror shows
voluntary murder of self


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